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Get all the information about using our Customer Support Center. From here you can manage all the services that you bought from NepBay.

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Get all help and tutorials on using cPanel to manage your website and hosting account.

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Help related to managing website in NepBay Cloud. Browse through all the articles to guide you through the managing of your website in NepBay Cloud.

Most Popular Articles

 How to change cPanel Password?

To change your cPanel password for the hosting services you have bought from NepLiko, Inc. please...

 Main Web Disk Account

By default, the system creates a Web Disk account for your cPanel account, and sets your home...

 How to recover from a hacked website?

NepBay's Shared/Managed Server Security Measures Our Technical support staff regularly watches...

 Securing your Wordpress blog against Hacking

Security is a growing concern with all of the hackers and script kiddies waiting to do bad things...

 How to login to my cpanel account?

This tutorials covers all the information related to accessing your cPanel account with NepBay...

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